Memorize a Dialogue a Day
( Memorize and Practise 2/4/6/8/12/16/20+line Dialogue paradigms

in conjunction with

Create Your Own Conversation

Build your own Dialogue

listen & repeat @shapra

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#1 The Pool Tournament Part #1


#2 Money Money Money

Click on image for Fluency and Memory Training Exercises. (English with Vietnamese translation)

#3 Language for Shopping

Interactice exercise Practising common
shopping vocabulary and expressions

4 Language for Shopping #2

Shopping -for clothes: interactive

5 Where did I leave My Heart?

Where did I leave my heart? (COMING SOON!!)

Go here for the Memory Images game

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

~ Gautama Buddha

6 HumDrum Holidays

Beginner Level

Get it at the GOOGLE APP STOR


10 different ways to respond to something ridiculous @ #16

7 Cool Cool Sweat


8 I Cannot Sit There


9 Two Lost Souls

A dialogue inspired by the song entitled

"I Want"

With English, Japanese and Vietnamese subs Embed


10 I ThinkYou're in My Seat

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman, 1749-1832


11 Read My Lips #1 True Romance:

Questions! Questions! Questions!

How many Questions can you ask all in less than 30 seconds?

How many does the man ask?

When you are finish...Try the QUiZZle


A Modern Couple: In Three Parts

Watch the following in sequence

12 A Modern Couple #1

13 A Modern Couple #2

14 A Modern Couple #3

15 Where do you go to school?

From our Build your own Dialogue for Smart Kidz (BYOD4SK00),

this incorporates the essence of exercises which

provide you with the highest ROITE

ie Return on Investment (of your TIME and EFFORT)

“Self-confidence requires having the courage to live your life in your own way.”

~ Anonomyous



16 What are you talking about?

Intermediate Level

Fluency & Automatic Response training

10 ways to respond when someone says something ridiculous

Interactive version is here



17 Serbian Dreamer

coming soon




18@JP What are you doing?

(And why...?)



18@VN What are you doing?

(And why...?)



fun stuff

19 I can speak English

MANUEL: You see, I speak English well, I learned it from a book.

MANUEL: Hello. I am English. Hello....... How are you, Sir?

MANUEL: I can speak English. Ah hello, Major. How are you today?

MAJOR: Er. . . er. . . er I I I I I’m fine, thank you.

MANUEL’S VOICE: Is a beautiful day today.

MAJOR: Is it? Yes, yes, I suppose it is.....

MANUEL’S VOICE: I can speak English. I learned it from a book.

MAJOR: Did you? Did you really?



20 Excuse me?


Master one of the most difficult

expressions in English

while you memorize an easy dialogue

Beginner level

“Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else.”

~ Unknown



21 Read My Lips #2



22 shopping for clothes part #3

IT's the wrong size

#23 What do you do to Keep Fit

Click above to watch the YouTube

vid then click below to do the quiz.


24 Pool Tournament @Full Dialogue

Fluency & Memory Training Practice

ONLY Vietnamese translations!!

25 Talking about your Job #3

fluency and memory practice 12 LIne dialogue

Talking about your job

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

~ Anonymous

26 More Shopping

And coming soon....


27 hanoi traffic

Under development

The Anti-Grammar

Grammar Approach


Beating the Hanoi traffic


Learning English

at the same time

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."

~ Bruce Lee


1. The Pool Tournament
2. Money Money Money
3. Language for Shopping #1
4. Language for Shopping #2
5. Where did I leave My Heart?
6. HumDrum Holidays
7. Cool Cool Sweat
8. I Cannot Sit There
9. Two Lost Souls
10. I Think that's My Seat
11. True Romance
12. A Modern Couple #1
13. A Modern Couple #2
14. A Modern Couple #3
15. Jasmine and Cherry
16. What are you talking about?
17. Serbian Dreamer
18. What are you doing?
19. Why are you doing that?
20. Excuse me?
21. Read my Lips #2
22. Language for Shopping #3
23. What do you do to Keep Fit
24. Pool Tournment:Memory Training Game
25. Talking about your Job #3
26. I Can Speak English
27. More Shopping

And coming soon

Hanoi Traffic Rules
Works well with our
4-line Dialogues
6-line Dialogues
8-line Dialogues
12-line Dialogues
12+ -line Dialogues
Miscellaneous: Loste English; Agga; AssA


"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."

~ Thomas Jefferson

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Hello and welcome to AGGA.
The Anti-Grammar Grammar Approach to learning English

more shadowing

Listening to Questions & Sample Answers and repeating

Sample #1 @ Have you Ever Planted Rice



Sample #2 @Vietnamese History

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Sample #3 @Japanese History

Listening to Questions & Sample Answers; thinking and creating your own answers; recording the dialogues

Build your own Monologue

and also shadowing in

Memorize a Fable a day also at




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